About Casino Scouts

Casino Scouts is focused on a next level mobile casino marketing and engagement platform. A customer-facing, location-aware, mobile concierge application. A mobile channel for marketing, promotions, events and tournaments. A mobile portal to premium content focused on the established and emerging gaming customer.


mobile concierge

Location aware technology that provides customers with access virtual line waiting, mobile drink ordering, and priority access to sales and service staff. The Casino Scouts platform concierge functionality works within the operation to automate traditionally employee-focused services, and distribute them at scale, to larger customer populations than would otherwise be possible.


mobile marketing

A full set of location aware mobile marketing tools to support customer communications, offers, promotions and events  management. For operations with existing marketing systems, a rich API allowing integration to existing systems, automating your workflow with our rich B2C marketing channel.  


premium content

Casino Scouts curates a portal of high end engagement and entertainment content for traditional and emerging gaming customers. Mobile casino games, eSports, tournaments, and social gaming. Additionally, premium content access for high profile events, worldwide, of interest to the casino gaming community.